Dear FollowFox User,

By now you have received emails from websites regarding the recent GDPR privacy regulation that went into effect May 25th, 2018. What they may not have mentioned is that a company's failure to comply can result in fines of over $20 million USD. To be clear, the data you've entrusted us with has never been shared with third parties, but the regulation still requires significant changes to our program in order to comply.

After consulting with our legal counsel and exploring our options, it's become painfully clear that the time and resources needed for our small team to fully comply with this law are beyond us. Going forward without doing all that's required (and there is a lot) is simply not an option, given the penalty associated with incomplete compliance. We are left with the choice of continuing to operate in the hopes of not being sued out of existence or to close shop now. We made the tough choice of closing now.

We want to thank all of you who believed in us. When we relaunched FollowFox a year ago we had no idea this was looming on the horizon. Despite our renewed commitment and dedication to this project there is simply no way we can go on given the enormity of this legal precedent.

Frank and Jeremy Harris
Founders, FollowFox