This screen displays all of the Followups you currently have scheduled.

Quick Filters

Quick Filters allow you to filter your followups based on frequently used criteria, such as whether a followup is past due, a contact is starred, etc. You may filter contacts by tapping/clicking one or more of the Quick Filter buttons at the top of the screen. Tap/click a button once to turn a filter on and once again to turn it off.

Some Quick Filters may be used with others in combination. For example, you may wish to see all of your Team Members with followups scheduled for today:

To do this, tap/click Today and Team Member

To clear all Quick Filters tap/click All Followups

Custom Filters

You may filter for records that are assigned to a specific Contact Type and/or checked as Archived. To do so:

1. Tap/click Filter or Filter via

2. Select your filter criteria.

3. Tap/click to apply your filter.

Custom Filters and Quick Filters may also be used together.

To undo all filters tap/click

If no records match your filter criteria then no records will appear in your list. If this happens, undo any filters you applied to restore your list.

The Followup List

Here is a sample of a Followups listing:

George Bluth
7:00 AM: Conference call?
Gene Parmisan
afternoon: Wants more info.
Ann Veal
9:00 PM: Gets back in town today.

Followup appointments are grouped by date. From left to right, here is a description of the elements contained in the list:

To access additional information on a contact, tap/click the name of the contact, and their contact profile will appear.

For more information on this and related topics please see the following in the Help section:

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