Meet FollowFox.
Welcome To A Better Way To Follow Up.

FollowFox is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that works the way you do. It’s the follow up system that bridges the gap between complicated CRMs and contact management software. It combines the best of both. Powerful. Easy to Use. Affordable.

Instant followup list, reports, and more

Get up and running in minutes, not hours or days. FollowFox makes how to follow up fast, easy and fun. And that’s the best way to follow up!

Use The CRM Created For Direct Sales and Marketing.

We created FollowFox for the gig economy -- network marketing, multi level marketing (MLM), real estate, and small business / home business. Organize your leads, prospects, customers, associates and appointments with one easy to use tool. Track sales and recruiting prospects. Stay connected with your customers and your team. Close more transactions. Write better business. Increase retention.

Operate Your Business Anywhere You Want To.

FollowFox puts your data in the palm of your hand. It runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Our software is optimized for every device including mobile. It’s the online CRM that works your way. Anytime. Anywhere. Everywhere the cloud is.

Simplify Your Business. And Your Life.

Stress less and save your memory. Our FollowFox CRM remembers everything for you — phone calls, texts and emails. Sort thousands of appointments and contacts in seconds. Identify hot sales prospects with a single click. Organize and manage all of your associations. Choose push notices or email reminders. Never, ever miss another follow up.

Keep Your Data Safe And Secure.

No need to worry about data breaches. We use encryption and best practices to keep you safe. Rest easy. Your data is always handy. It’s always secure. FollowFox is on guard.

Say Goodbye To Limitations.

Save unlimited contacts and follow ups. Log limitless entries. Never run out of storage or memory. Use it as often and as much as you like. It will never expire. No ads. No strings. No catches. We even include free support. With FollowFox you’re the follow up boss.

Choose The FollowFox That’s Best For You.

Your fortune is in the follow up. So, choose free or nearly free. There’s a version of FollowFox that’s right for you. Both are preconfigured and ready to go. Both are fast and simple to use. No credit card is required to get started, either. So, sign up today!

A responsive cloud-based followup program for today's entrepreneur.

Works the same way on any device, with all the features