About FollowFox

About FollowFox. A Better Way To Follow Up.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. We knew we needed a better way to organize and manage our business and so we looked. And looked. You name it, we used it: card files, notebooks, calendars, day planners and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs. We searched the Internet for cloud-based solutions only to find they were either too complicated or too expensive. We needed a flexible, easy-to-use, inexpensive program that would help us and our business partners keep track of our most important asset, our people. Yet, everything we looked at missed the mark. Out of our desperation to find a better way, FollowFox was born.

FollowFox is a personal development tool designed to help you plan your day

FollowFox Is A Philosophy.

FollowFox is more than a sophisticated contact management program and organizer. It's also a personal development tool whose use complements two other key practices — Plan Your Day Before It Begins and Plan, Do, and Review. Using FollowFox actually encourages users to develop the success habits of planning their day, prioritizing their work, making calls and following up, and then reviewing their results as they plan their next day. The more they use FollowFox, the more consistent their activity becomes and the more success they experience.

FollowFox Grows With You.

FollowFox was designed to be used for people at all levels of their business. Whether you’re brand new to sales or network marketing, or an experienced veteran, FollowFox works for you. We’ve intentionally designed our software to be simple and easy to use so that anyone can be up and running in minutes. And, with FollowFox Pro, you have the freedom and flexibility to customize and expand the software. With no limits and no restrictions, grow your business as big as you want. FollowFox and FollowFox Pro are with you all the way.

Take The FollowFox Challenge.

Use FollowFox every day for the next 21 days to:

  • Plan your day before it begins
  • Do the activity as planned
  • Review the results
  • Revise your plan for the next day accordingly

Encourage your team to use FollowFox to do the same and watch your team and your income grow!