Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up. And Don’t Get Them Out Of Order.

CRMs try to do it all — pipelines, funnels, income projections, invoicing and lots of other non-essential stuff. FollowFox has a singular, purpose-driven mission — to make following up as fast, efficient and easy as possible. If CRMs are the Swiss Army knives of contact management, FollowFox is the surgeon's scalpel. Because what you need is a tool that simplifies your life. Not complicates it.

With FollowFox Things Won’t Slip Through The Cracks.

Consolidate information. Save all the important stuff – notes, history, even links to external files.

Save time, increase your effectiveness. A quick glance shows your next follow up. And the next one. And the next one.

Eliminate noise and clutter. Sort and filter lists by dates due, contact type and more.

Find your hot prospects right away. A touch of a button brings them right up front.

Thoughtfully, personally communicate. Use pre- and post-followup notes as memory joggers.

Get an instant list of who you need to follow up with next

Learn FollowFox fast with our interactive tour

Simply sign up for free, log in on a desktop and you'll be greeted by an interactive tour that takes you through the basics of using FollowFox.

Unlimited contacts with exporting and importing

Device Agnostic. And Proud Of It.

Freedom of choice — desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – get access to all of your data and functionality, not just a subset.

Get things done in split-seconds. FollowFox is blazingly fast and built for the mobile millennium.

Choose where you work. At your desk? On the road? Standing in line at the theater? FollowFox works wherever you work.

Different screen sizes, same experience. FollowFox is device responsive. Try it out now — resize your browser and watch what happens.

No more hassle and insecurity of native apps. Web-based means instant access to new features and benefits immediately, without the need to update.

FollowFox Pro. Do Even More.

Start fast. Import all of your contacts with access in minutes.

Eliminate repetition. Create personalized email templates for often used messages.

Broaden your scope. Add unlimited custom fields for phone numbers, emails, dates, text, check boxes and drop down lists.

Distill and export. Use our Advanced Search feature to export records based on almost any set of criteria. Use popular services like Constant Contact(sm) or MailChimp(sm) to create precision targeted emails.

Improve your conversion rates and followup efficiency with Analytics.

And much more!

FollowFox is fast and works great on mobile devices

Your Fortune Is In Your Followups. And Your Team's.

What would your business look like if everyone on your team did just one more followup? What if they doubled or tripled their followups? With FollowFox they can! Fast, easy, and affordable — with FollowFox there’s no excuse for your entire team not to use it.

FollowFox. A Better Way To Follow Up. Free Pro
Easy to Use. Blazingly Fast. Designed For Success.
Fully Device Responsive
Add, Store and Track Unlimited Contacts
Schedule and Log Unlimited Followups
Record Notes and Unlimited Comments
Use Pre-configured Fields For Rapid Data Entry
Sort Followups and Contacts With Quick Filters
Export Contact Profiles and History
Totally Ad free. No distractions, interruptions, or intrusions!
Receive Daily or Weekly Followup Summaries
Push Notifications
Fanatical Support
FollowFox Pro. Do Even More. Free Pro
Insight into your data with Analytics
Create Unlimited User-defined Custom Contact Fields
Define Unlimited User-defined Tool Types
Define Unlimited User-defined Contact Types
Build Custom Ad-hoc Email Templates
Build Custom Ad-hoc Text Templates
Extract Data Subsets With Advanced Contact Search
Link Related Contacts to Each Other
Import Unlimited Contacts via CSV File
Express data entry
Works the same way on any device, with all the features