Organizing Contacts

There are several ways to assign special designations to your contacts that allow for you to select them based on those designations. You may use these designations, either by themselves, or in combination with other designations, to view lists of subsets of your contacts.

Contact Type

Use the Contact Types feature in FollowFox to organize your contacts into smaller, more manageable groups. Then, use the Filter function to show just the contacts for that Contact type. You may use the pre-defined Contact Types provided, or create your own customized types by going to the Settings > Contact Types menu option.

Archiving Contacts

When you edit a contact you may designate that contact as Archived (i.e. someone who you have taken off your list, if only for the time being, but who's information you want to still keep). This gives you an alternative to the Delete button. By default, only non-archived (Current) records are shown. If you wish to see archived records, use the Filter function.

Customers and Team Members

When you add or edit a contact you can also click either Customer and/or Team Member buttons to indicate whether this contact has purchased a product through you, or has signed up as a team member through you, or both. When selected, the button will look depressed.

In addition to being available to the Filter function, these designations are also used to calculate your conversion rates used in the Reports section. For this reason, you should only select this button if it is a customer or team member that you personally sold to or signed. This should not be used to indicate team members recruited by other members of your team, or products sold by other members of your team.

When you click either button, it will appear depressed, and an entry will be made in the History section for that contact, indicating that the contact has either purchased a product on the date and time you clicked the button, or signed as a team member, on the date and time you clicked the button. Un-clicking the button enters a corresponding cancellation entry into the History section. In all cases, these History entries may be edited or deleted, just like any other History entry.


Stars are a quick way to make contacts stand out. They're useful for marking particular contacts or followups as important. You can also filter for Starred contacts. Simply click the star icon on your contact or followup list to star or un-star them.