Speeding Up Your Followup Process

You can't get past the need for data entry. Even if you don't use a computerized system, you still need to write down information. FollowFox makes data entry fast and easy so you can get back to what you do best — following up with prospects and making sales.

Adding Followups

When you followup with someone, the next step is to add a followup in FollowFox. When adding a followup, the contact's interest level is automatically set to their previous interest level so you know how they felt last. After filling out the information, take advantage of the "Save and schedule followup" button to quickly add the followup and take you to schedule a new followup.

Quick Notes

When adding followups, It's important to make comments so you can go back, look at their history down the road, and understand what you last talked to them about. This allows you to be more thoughtful in your conversations without having to remember every little detail about a prospect. Quick Notes are customizable notes that automatically fill in the Comments field. If you find yourself typing in the same note over and over, Quick Notes can speed up the process and enter the data for you.

Quick notes are also available for the Followup notes field when scheduling a followup.

Scheduling Followups

When scheduling a followup, the date is automatically set to tomorrow. FollowFox is just assuming you want to follow up with the contact the following day. If you find that you're typically scheduling followups further in advance, customize the Next Followup Schedule Date under your Preferences. Changing this preference will change the default date when you set a new followup.


If you know the next person you have to call, use Search! Searching is available anywhere throughout the app and doesn't require very much typing to find your contact. Jumping straight to a contact page can be faster than finding them in a list. Check out the Using Search tip for information on how you can search your contacts.